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About MIAM


MIAM is a Nordic women’s clothing brand influenced by California vibes and Scandinavian functionality.

With an exciting blend of positivity and depth, it offers urban women an effortless, polished, and fun style that is both sustainable and sporty chic.

MIAM believes that when women support each other, incredible things happen…

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The MIAM Story

The MIAM story began decades ago on the chilly shores of the Baltic Sea, with a young girl returning time and again to her favorite spot on the shore to dream about her future. Life took her across the ocean, from the east coast to the west, under the sunny California skies. Embracing the energetic and positive “everything is possible” attitude that surrounded her, she learned that the greatest power comes from within us. You can do anything that you set your mind to.

Returning to the shores she once left behind, the young girl was now a professional woman – and determined to pursue her dream. She set her mind on building her own unique clothing brand that would seamlessly blend the casual laid-back California vibe with the practical Scandinavian approach to life. While creating her brand she encountered many wonderful women who helped her along the way. She knows from experience that when women support each other, incredible things can happen.

Once a dream, now a reality

Hi, my name is Miia, and today my dream is becoming a reality. I design all MIAM clothes in a cozy studio in Finland. The clothes are produced from high-quality European materials in a small manufacturing house in Latvia. MIAM values sustainability and high quality first and foremost.

Every garment MIAM makes is lovingly crafted with attention to detail to create a signature sporty-yet-feminine look.

MIAM believes in spreading the love, sharing encouragement, and living a joyous life!

With Love, Comfort, and Style,
Miia / MIAM


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